This site is a collection of various documents which may be of interest to āstikas. Many of them come from the "digital library of india" project. A few original publications are offered here as well.

Aupāsana is the sacred fire in which we perform upāsanā -- i.e. meditation and worship. See the definitions for upāsanā and aupāsana here.

original publications

Book length sanskrit publications:
  • link ] yājuṣa mantra ratnākaram, a collection of yajur veda mantras.
  • link ] devī māhātmyam, renumbered according to anvaya.
  • link ] satyanārāyaṇa pūjā, a comprehensive manual with the kathā.
  • link ] gāyatrī śiṣṭārtha mālā, various comentaries on the gāyatrī mantra. 
  • link ] prakaraṇāni, two introductory advaita texts with commentaries. 
  • link ] aṣṭottaraśata nāmāvali kadambam, a collection of aṣṭottaraśata nāvāmalis.
Shorter papers:
  • [ link ] āyuśśānti -- abdapūrtiśānti and ṣaśṭyabdapūrtiśānti prayogas
  • link ] putreṣtiḥ -- santana gopala homa, santana parameshwara mantra and putreshti prayogas
  • [ link ] a selection of sanskrit gaṇeśa stotras from the mudgala purāṇa
  • link ] sanskrit satyanārāyaṇa kathā with variant readings 
  • [ link ] notes from a cursory study of the mudgala purāṇa
  • [ link ] a translation of the mudgala purāṇa (in progress)
  • link ] the system of yajur veda vedic accents


The software page has some original software: 
  • mudgala koṣa -- sanskrit / english dictionary
  • mudgala ime -- devanagari transliteration / conversion utility
  • dli viewer -- tool to facilitate downloading texts from the digital library of india
  • mudgala hora -- source code to a fully functional jyotiṣa software
The stardict page has a number of sanskrit dictionaries and tools in stardict format, which is well supported on a number of platforms (windows, iOS etc)


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