gāyatrī & sandhyāvandana

The gāyatrī mantra japa occupies the centerpiece of the vedic tradition. A new collection of sanskrit commentaries on this mantra is offered here. It includes the commentary by paiṅganādu gaṇapati śāstrī -- a particularly lucid and practical commentary.
  • [ link ] gāyatrī-śiṣṭārtha-mālā
For the remainder of the sandhyāvandana ritual, there are a couple of traditional commentaries
  • link ] sandhyāvandana bhāṣya by sītārāma śāstrī  
  • link ] sandhyā bhāṣya samuccaya by vināyaka gaṇeśa āpṭe
The āhnika kāṇḍa of the smṛti muktā phala (linked below) also has a detailed section on the entire sandhyāvandana ritual.

simple āhnika manuals

Narasimha Rao has prepared simple easy-to-use manuals with english instructions. They are short and to the point. Use them daily, weekly, or as time allows.
  • link ] mahāgaṇapati homa manual
  • link ] tarpaṇa manual (super-short version)
  • link ] satyanārāyaṇa pūjā manual
 See his site to find additional versions of these manuals in many languages.

āhnika rituals

Simple, meaningful, regular sādhanā is the key to spiritual progress. The traditional daily rituals (āhnika) of all dvijas included dhyāna (sandhyāvandana), tarpaṇa, homa, and pūjā. Here are some traditional manuals, from the Digital Library of India.
  • [ link ] āhnika candrikā -- daily rituals with ṛg veda mantras
  • [ link ] sāma vedīya nityāhnikam -- daily rituals with sāma veda mantras
  • [ link ] brahma karma samuccaya -- daily rituals and ṛg veda saṁskāras 

smṛti muktā phala

A few authors have collected the varied opinions of śruti and smṛti on various practical day-to-day matters. One of the most celebrated of these was vaidyanātha dīkṣitīya who complied the smṛti muktā phala. 
  • [ link ] smṛti muktā phala - varṇāśrama kāṇḍa
  • link ] smṛti muktā phala - āhnika kāṇḍa
  • link ] smṛti muktā phala - āśauca kāṇḍa
  • link ] smṛti muktā phala - śrāddha kāṇḍa
  • link ] smṛti muktā phala - kāla kāṇḍa
  • link ] smṛti muktā phala - prāyaścitta kāṇḍa


  • [ link ] gaṇapati homa by narasimha rao
  • [ link ] benefits of sandhyāvandana (tamil) bu sengālipuram anantarāma dīkṣitar
  • [ link ] beautiful fire during homam