new pūjā manuals

Over time, several manuals from authoritative sources will be typeset and made available here. Many of these will be sourced from documents which are currently typeset only in regional scripts (grantham or malayalam).
  • [ link ] aṣṭottaraśata nāmāvali kadambam -- A collection of aṣṭottaraśata nāmāvalis on various devatās.
  • link ] āyuśśāntiḥ -- prayogas related to longevity. Currently contains the abdapūrtiśānti and ṣaṣṭyabdapūrtiśānti procedures from the śāntikusumākaraḥ.
  • link ] putreṣtiḥ -- prayogas for begetting progeny. Currently contains the santana gopala homa and santana parameshwara mantras from the śāntikusumākaraḥ, and the putreshti prakarana from the dharma sindhu.
  • link ] satyanārāyaṇa pūjā manual (needs proofreading, last updated May 06 2012)
  • [ link ] a list of popular hindu festivals, and the panchanga criteria for their observances

digital library of india links

  • link ] ṛg veda brahma karma samuccaya from the digital library of india 

kumbhakona pūjā manuals

These manuals were printed in kumbhakona, and use ṛg veda mantras
  • link ] satyanārāyaṇa pūjā 
  • link ] devatārcana paddhati 
  • link ] siddhivināyaka pūjā paddhati 
  • link ] sarasvatī pūjā paddhati