Recommended Reading

  • link ] sanskrit reading list provided by a renowned sanskrit connoisseur. 

Original publications

amara-kosha with a short english meaning, and color-coded gender reference (based on the files from
  • [ link ] Kanda 1 (svarga, vyoma, dig, kala, dhi, shabda, natya, patala, vari)
              Kanda 2 (bhumi, pura, shaila, vana, simha, manushya, brahma)

Scanned publications, with reference commentaries

  • link ] Various editions of the amara kosha:
    • With english translations by colebrook & sardesai
    • With hindi translations by brahmananda & haragovinda
    • With the maheswara, maheswari, namachandrika, rasala and vaya sudha commentaries
  • link ] Sanskrit skydrive. Various texts with primary commentaries.
    • aṣṭādhyāyī, siddhānta kaumudī and various related works
    • gītā, upaniṣads, brahma sūtras, and the bṛhat prasthāna
    • primary works on all six darśanas
    • various kāvyas and nāṭakas
    • other miscellaneous documents

How to teach yourself sanskrit

  • Attend Samskrita Bharati's interactive introductory spoken sanskrit workshop. If this is not possible, watch the videos of a previous workshop.
  • Complete the "Teach Yourself Samskrit" books published by Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan. The first part (consisting of 5 books) is available here.


  • [ link ] Samskrita Bharati -- introductory conversational sanskrit classes, formal correspondence courses, residential camps, classes on kalidasa's works and paninian grammar.
  • [ link ] Scanned archives of the monthly "Sambhashana Sandesha" magazine
  • link ] Sanskrit Documents Site -- stotras and other major works