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iphone stardict instructions

Here are detailed instructions showing iphone users how to use the monier williams stardict files. These instructions are iphone specific, and use the "Dictionary Universal" program. For android instructions, see this page

Note: Use a good quality stardict program. On the iPhone, I use the "Dictionary Universal" program. I first tried a few cheaper ones, but they didn't work nearly as well ... many of them crashed repeatedly.

1) Find the "Dictionary Universal" program from the appstore, and install it. 
    Now, start the app.

2) From the "settings" section, click on the "dictionaries" button. Now, click on "install". 

3) Click on the "Network" button (as long as you have internet connectivity. WiFi preferred)
    The network section brings up a browser like the one below. Type in the following location in the URL bar.

    Note: If you want to try the bi-direction skt-eng / eng-skt dictionary, use the following link.
    This dictionary is larger, and will be a little slower to index and search.

    The installation is now complete. 

Click the "close" button to exit the dictionary installation screen. From the "Dictionaries" page, click "Settings" to return to the settings page. From the "settings" page, click on "search" at the bar at the bottom to go to the search page.

4) From the search tab, type in your search term (e.g. kantha)
    Click on any entry to see the definition.
    Note: The second screenshot is from a different search.

5) If you installed the bi-directional dictionary, you can also search for english words. English entries will have the (eng) suffix to differentiate them from sanskrit entries.

That's it. Enjoy.