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android stardict instructions

Here are detailed instructions showing android users how to use the monier williams stardict files. These instructions are android specific, and use the free "Colordict" program. For iPhone instructions, see this page

1) Find the free "colordict" program from the appstore, and install it. 

2) Start the colordict program, and click on the "folder" icon.
    This will bring up the screen with the installed dictionaries.

3) From the dictionaries screen above, click on the icon at the top with the three vertical dots.
    From the popup menu, click on "Direct Download". Now, enter the link to the following file:
    Now, click "ok"

4) After it downloads, the new dictionary will appear in the list.
    Click on the triangle next to it to move it up in the list (making it the default).
    Now, click on the "back" button at the bottom. This will take you to the search screen.

5) From the Search screen, you can now type in any search term.
    Click on the set of results to see the details.

Note: the instructions above point to the file with roman letters, while the screenshots are with the devanagari file. See how the conjuncts are not handled well. Vowels that should precede consonants are not handled correctly either. Android users should use the roman output file at this time.

That's it. Enjoy.