Most platforms and mobile devices have apps which understand the "stardict" dictionary format. As a result, you can easily add new stardict dictionaries, and search them. Here, you will find stardict files for sanskrit dictionaries (monier-williams, apte), and grammar texts.The input format is a simple subset of the itrans scheme. It is designed for ease of input on mobile devices, and should be relatively natural.

input scheme 

a aa i ii u uu R Rii L Lii e ai o au am aH

ka kha ga gha Na
cha Cha ja jha na GYa
Ta Tha Da Dha Na
ta tha da dha na
pa pha ba bha ma
ya ra la va
sha Sha sa ha
La xa

Note: this input scheme is a variation of the itrans format. It purposely omits all punctuation, which makes it easy to type on mobile devices. Since stardict applications generally accept case-insensitive input, searching becomes simple, while remaining almost lossless.

installation / screenshots

mobile devices:
  • link ] iPhone / iPad / iTouch devices ("dictionary universal" app)
  • link ] android devices ("colorDict" app)
  • [ link ] todo: windows phone 7 devices ("gTongue" app)
computers / laptops:
  • [ link ] windows ("goldendict" app)
    Note: you will have to "unzip" the tar.gz file and point the app to the folder. To do this, use the free 7-zip app, and unzip the tar.gz stardict files twice. Once to get the tar file, and again to get the folder inside it.
  • [ link ] mac OSX.
    Install the early access builds of GoldenDict. Download the startdict files into a single folder, and extract each of them (by clicking on them in the finder app). Go to Edit->Dictionaries, and add the path to the extracted dictionaries. 

apte dictionary

  • link ] apte skt-eng stardict tar.gz file (devanāgarī output)
  • link ] bi-directional apte skt-eng stardict tar.gz file (devanāgarī output)
    Note: This file uses the stardict "synonyms" feature. 
Note: the apte files were generated from the "sandic" project files. That project is available from

monier-williams dictionary

  • link ] monier-williams skt-eng stardict tar.gz file (devanāgarī output)
  • link ] monier-williams skt-eng stardict tar.gz file (roman with diacritics)
  • link ] bi-directional monier-williams skt-eng / eng-skt stardict tar.gz file (devanāgarī output). 
    Note: This file uses the stardict "synonyms" feature. 

sanskrit-sanskrit dictionaries

  • link ] shabda kalpadruma (devanāgarī output)
  • link ] vachaspatyam (devanāgarī output) 
These files were generated from data available from


Here are some additional stardict files related to sanskrit grammer
  • link ] dhātupātha devanāgarī output -- this file is a processed version of the dhātupātha (accessed on Mar 29 2012)
Here are some files related to the aṣṭādhyāyī (indexed by sūtra number and sūtra text, following the hrasva mahābhāṣhya numbering)
  • link ] kāśikā devanāgarī output
  • link ] nyāsa devanāgarī output
  • link ] laghu siddhānta kaumudī devanāgarī output
  • link ] bālamanoramā devanāgarī output  
  • link ] tattvabodhinī devanāgarī output